The Student Lists page is where you will create and edit a list of students that you can assign to a specific activity.

Select Student Lists from the School menu. This will take you to the Manage Student Lists page.

Create a New List of Students

Step 1.

To create a new list, press the CREATE STUDENT LIST button. This will bring up a box asking you to enter the list name. Enter the name and press the SAVE button.

Step 2.

After entering the new list name, you will select it from the list in order to add students to the new list.

Step 3.

To add students to the list, press the ADD button. This will take you to a screen that allows you to search for particular students to add to the list by entering a last name and a graduating year. After entering in the information, you will press the the grey Find Students button.

Step 4.

After pressing the grey Find Students button, a list of students meeting the criteria that you entered will appear.
Press the Add link next to the student’s name that you would like to add to the list. The student that you selected will appear in the Students to Add: list. A red X will also appear next to the name. This is used to delete the student from the list. You can repeat the process to add multiple students to the list.

Step 5.

Press the Add Students button to add your selected students to the list.