Restricted Enrollment allows you to set a specific list of students who will be able to see your activity and sign up for it.

This accommodates the scenario of where you want a targeted set of students (e.g. NHS students) to be the only ones who can see this activity when they sign up (e.g. NHS Meeting Activity).

Pre-Steps (Required)

You must create an Activity beforehand. See Create Activity for more details.  It MUST have the “Restricted Enrollment” checkbox selected, then Saved.

Pre-Steps (Optional)

You can reuse an existing User List, if you have a set of students you refer to regularly. See Create User Lists to create a list.

Navigate to the Restricted Enrollment Page

Click on the My Activities link in the menu on the left.


Select Restricted Enrollment

From the My Activities page, click the EDIT STUDENTS link for the Activity that will have a subset of students who can select it.  (For this example, we ONLY want the AP Java students to be able to see/sign up for this activity).

NOTE: If “EDIT STUDENTS” is not displayed next to the activity, you need to edit the activity, check the “Restricted Enrollment” checkbox, and click SAVE.



Select Students

Step 1 is to build the list of students who will be allowed to see/sign up for this activity.  Using the wizard, you either enter the students’ names (one at a time), or select the existing Student List, then click the FIND/LOAD students button.

The students will then be added to Step 2.


Add Students

Once you click the FIND/LOAD STUDENTS button, the list of POTENTIAL students will be displayed in Step 2 of the wizard.

Click the ADD STUDENT and/or ALL ALL STUDENTS button(s) to add the students (they are now part of restricted enrollment).

View/Remove Students

Under Step 3, click the REMOVE button to remove any students you do not want to be part of the Restricted Enrollment.  Theses are the students who WILL ONLY be abler to ever see this activity.


(OPTIONAL) Add Current Students to Dates

If you want to add the students to activity dates, you can do so with the list of activities displayed in Step 4.