The Teacher Dashboard is the home page of the AllTimely application. It provides you with a menu of all the key features of the application

Key Sections

1. Main

  1. SITE HELP: Search for specific topics.

2. Calendar

  1. Today: View the activities for the today.
  2. This Week: View a list of activities for the current week.
  3. Next Week: View a list of activities for next week.
  4. My Calandar: View a monthly calendar of activities. You can also add and edit activities to the calendar.
  5. Daily Roster: Search for specific activities to view a roster of students signed up for that activity.

3. Activities

  1. My Activities: View, edit, and create activities.
  2. Recommend to Student: Recommend specific students to one of your activities.
  3. Student Bulk Change: Assign a group of students to an activity.
  4. My Messages: Message students about activities.

4. Scoring

  1. Scores: Create scores for students, list, classes, dens.
  2. Score Reports: View scores for various score types.
  3. My Score History: Shows scores you created.

5. School

  1. Activities by Date: View a list of activities that are scheduled for a particular date.
  2. Room Schedule: View the activities for the specified room, for the specified date.
  3. Find Students: Locate what activities a student is in for the current day.
  4. Student Lists: Create a list of students who can be assigned an activity.