Create Activities

With AllTimely, teachers have the flexibility to create activities of their choice. They choose the type of activity such as club, study hall, coach class, etc. The location and maximum attendance count can also be set. Teachers can also restrict who attends a particular activity.


Using the calendar feature, teachers can schedule activities daily, weekly, or for specific dates throughout the school year.  Teachers can easily add, delete, and edit activities on the calendar.  Holidays and school-wide activities added by administration are visible on the teacher’s calendar.


With AllTimely, there is no longer a need for paper attendance.  Teachers can easily record daily attendance of their activities with the online application or the teacher mobile app.


Teachers can assign scores to non-graded items, such as Attendance, Kudos, Tardiness, Chewing Gum, etc. We have a bunch of reports to cover the Chewing Gum :).