The Student Bulk Change feature allows you to assign students to an activity for a specified date range.

This page is configured

Choose Student Bulk Change from the Activities menu. This will take you to the Student Bulk Activity Change page.

To Make a Student Bulk Change

Step 1.

Select the Start/End dates, the Period, and the Activity to which you want to add students. You can also specify that the student(s) (to be selected in Step 2 below) cannot change this setting. Also, you can specify that teachers cannot modify (to prevent teachers “stealing” students from other teachers.

Step 2.

Identify which students will be added to the aforementioned activities. Either type in the students’ last names (then clicking on the name to add to the list below), or select a pre-existing User List, then click the LOAD button.

Step 3.

Review the students you have added, and click the REMOVE button if needed. Click the BULK ADD STUDENTS button to add the activities for the students. DONE.