The Scoring feature allows teachers to assign non-grade values to each student. It also allows teachers to assign scores to dens/houses as well.

The easiest way to apply a score to a student is with the Scores page.

Step 1. Select Who to Apply Score To

Under the Add Scores For: section, select Student (or House, Den, User List, etc.). Based on your selection, different options will appear.

NOTE: for create tardiness Scores, select “Student.”

Step 2. Enter Information

For adding scores for students, enter the date (defaulted to current date).

After the date, click into the “Add Score For” drop box. You can select 1+ students, or type in their last name, then select. At this point, you can see the previous scores; it will apply only to the first student selected.

Select the Score Category. If you do not see a desired category to apply a score to, please contact an administrator and they can creat on for you.

You can optionally set a value, and a consequence as well.

When are finished, click the SAVE SCORE button.

NOTE: Check the Print Pass button to display a page that you can print to a 4×6 thermal printer (if you have one).