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AllTimely was initially developed as a solution for Eastern Technical High School.  Eastern Tech had been running Mav Time, a lunch hour activity period, for several years without any scheduling system.  The school soon realized that without a scheduling system, students were not being held accountable for participating in activities.  It was also apparent that the lack of accountability was also a safety and security issue.  To solve Eastern Tech’s problem, AllTimely was developed with feedback from administrators, teachers, and students.

AllTimely can be customized to meet the unique needs of individual schools.  For example, a middle school running an enrichment period may have a different format and set of requirements when compared to a high school with an activity period that includes coach classes.

The AllTimely Team excels at understanding your school’s needs and incorporating them into a solution that is right for you.

Our Features

Activity Scheduling

Teachers have an easy-to-use calendar system for creating and scheduling activities.

Students also utilize a calendar system to sign-up for activities.  Administrators have a variety of tools and reports that allow them to oversee the entire scheduling system.

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Scoring / Tardiness

Schools can define score categories to track non-grade data for each student.

Teacher can now assign scores for:

  • Students
  • Classes
  • Groups of Students
  • Student Houses/Dens
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Schools can build a list of people (both teachers and students) who can tutor various subjects.

Students request help for the subjects.

AllTimely pairs the student making the request, and the teacher/student providing the tutoring, during a scheduled activity.

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